CitizenK Magazine
3D Model Cover Animation

3D Model for CitizenK magazine, 2022.

‘What Happened’?
A Visual Reader Framing Context
with Magnum Photos,
in collaboration with Noor Images

Written and Designed by Nejma Boussaïd and Fenna Wenselaar, 2018.
Research and Design Tutor: Delphine Bedel MA Information Design
Design Academy Eindhoven; NOOR

 What Happened? is an editorial piece created
with the participation of NOOR IMAGES:  
MAGNUM PHOTOS’ photo-journalistic department.
What happened? What frames the photographer’s
visual language?
What lies behind the limbs of photo-journalistic imagery?

How does contextual information impacts
and alters one’s understanding of an immortalised moment?
This book re-traces and answers our ‘naive’ readings
           of these de-contextualised images
took in Yemen in 2011.
Pictures and comments by MAGNUM  photo-journalist Yuri Kozyrev.


MoodMag x Tenk ‘Issue N°0’

Cover Design proposition
for the Unreleased issue 0 of MoodMag, 2019. 

Urban Heterotopias
Understanding the Imperceptible
Means of Control in tomorrow’s
Smart Cities

Written and Designed by Nejma Boussaïd
Published in March 2019
Printed in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Observing the new means of behavioural
and intentional control in smart cities
through Information Design, based on Eindhoven ‘living lab’. 
The following piece of writing stems from my immersion
in to Eindhoven’s urban context for almost two years
and my discovery of a new type of control : sensorial control.  

Smart City Guide, 
Manifesto of a Living Lab

Manifesto of a Living Lab, 2019